New Technique Gets A Striper

With Stripers staying down 40′ deep in their comfort zone getting an Umbrella Rig down to them was a challenge. Discussions with Capt Mack brought new light to the topic of getting deeper than the usual 22′ depth using his 9 arm Umbrella Rig. I took off the 1oz jigs and used 9 – 2oz jigs on a 3oz rig making it a total of 21 ounces and then let it out 100′ at 3 mph. That put us down to 40′ and voile Fish On. It was an incredible fight even though the Striper was only 25″. Reeling in all that extra weight along with the fish was intensive. I threw the boat in neutral, struggled to get the rod out of the holder and handed it to Don, frantically reeling in the other Umbrella Rig before it could get hung in a tree. I reached down and grabbed the rig hoisting it up into the boat fish and all. Don and I high-fived, took some pictures, measured him then released the Striper with the Seaqualizer back into his comfort zone.

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