Seaqualizer 1

During hot weather conditions when the water surface temperature exceeds the degrees that Stripers naturally survive in or when the Striper is brought in from a long distance out and is exhausted when he gets to the boat, a Seaqualizer should be used to return your catch unharmed back into the depths from where he was caught. This device will release the striper from its jaws at 30′, 50′ or 100′ using at least a 2lb weight to get him to the release depth quickly. In Lake Lanier the 30′ setting is enough. This device also comes in release depths of 50′, 75′ or 100′ in the event you are fishing the gulf or ocean.


This blog was created by Steve Scott and is dedicated to educating the casual Striper angler. See my Striper reports in the Coastal Angler magazine and the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division blog.

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