What are fishing patterns?

When someone says that they caught Stripers, the first thing we say is, where? While most Striper fishermen are reluctant to say where we should probably rephrase the question to ask what pattern was used? For example: humps in 80’; bends in the river where the channel meets the bank; where the creek channel narrows; points over 25’; reef poles; road beds, etc.

Knowing the pattern and knowing the lake will help you be more successful in your search. Here are a few patterns to consider:

    • Humps in 80′ of water:
      • Balus Bay (where Flat and Balus Creeks cross)
      • Chestatee Bay
      • Shoal Creek in front of East Bank Park
    • 35′ bottom:
      • Very back of Flat Creek
      • Big Creek near the Rock and the University
      • Six Mile Creek Pond Dam
      • Lathem Creek where it converges with Johnson Creek
      • Chattahoochee River Pond Dam near Hwy 60 Bridge