Lake Burton

From GON reports and the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division March 2017

Brown Trout: The best bait for catching brown trout in Lake Burton is live blueback herring; however, trout will also take trolling spoons and small crankbaits all year long. From late-winter into spring, trout will frequent the shallow backwaters of the major coves and cruise along rocky seawalls feeding on blueback herring. During the spring, trout will move closer to the backs of coves and feed on the surface during early morning. Moccasin Cove is a great starting place to look but also look at Murrays Cove all the way to the dam.

Walleye: The Burton walleye bite is in full swing. We have been fishing night crawlers on the bottom, as well downlining blueback herring. Most of the walleye seem to be holding on a 25- to 30-foot bottom and rising to the 15-foot depths to feed on points. Positioning the boat over the fish is very critical. Walleye are not very aggressive and take several seconds to catch the bait sometimes. Just remember walleye are very bottom-oriented fish and only travel just a few feet of the bottom to feed.

Species: Yellow Perch, Stripers, Large Mouth Bass, Pickering, Rainbow and Brown Trout, and Walleye.



Lake Burton Fishing Techniques

Lake Hartwell

Directions to the Stephens County ramp.

RT Dirs

Left Turn

Stephens County Park ramp

Where to catch what.

Hartwell State Park boat ramp

Where to fish North

Where to fish SouthHartwell State Park boat rampGum Log Creek South Tugalo Launch at Hartwell State Park

Fair Play CreekFishing Conerross Creek


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