(Please consider the time of the year when fishing these locations)

Ada Creek – Troll Umbrella Rigs from AC1 to AC3; Downlines at 34° 20.875’N by 83° 52.366’W; Umbrella Rigs at 34° 20.833’N by 83° 52.196W. Be sure to check out the 1st reef pole going into Ada Creek at the mouth of the river.

Aqualand – crossroads near LM18.
Bald Ridge Creek – BR3B to BR5.
Balus Creek – Blue dock; toward the flat opposite the ramp; humps in front of the mansion and near the bank to the right of the mansion; along the island adjacent to the channel.
Big Creek – Between the university and the rock in the summer.
Browns Bridge – 2nd cove to the right just before Browns Bridge heading north; also both adjacent points.
Canine Point – 34° 12.197’N by 84° 0.370° W.
Chattahoochee River – LM51 using Downlines in 40′; hump 34° 11.126N by 84° 2.792° W.
Cocktail Cove – Downlining and Lead Core 8 colors.
Don Carter Park – heading north on the right side.
Duckett Mill – points.
Elvis Dock – entire area.
Flat Creek – around left side from blue dock to creek; also back cut 1-4 & 5.
Flowery Branch – 6 & 7; also in channel in front of Aqualand 34° 11.748’N by 83° 57′.239’W; 34° 11.250’N by 83° 57.749’W.
Gainesville Creek – at the river channel; at the pipeline; on the right side from the power lines to the back of the creek.
Ground Hog – fish the channel side with Downlines; also C1-C3.
Hollywood Cove – left past Browns Bridge over long underwater point at 34° 16.114’N by 83° 57.658’W.
Johnson Lathem Creeks – clay banks; and where both creeks converge.
Laurel Park – off the main point.
Lake Markers – LM8, B-buoy, Magnet in summer, LM 18 Downline and Umbrella Rig, LM 29 to 31, LM 36 to 38-by 2 islands around back, LM 55, Lula Bridge north to 34° 25.282’N by 83°41.891’W.
Little River – at the mouth; in the curve into the main river area
Mountain View – Balus Creek to the river channel
Mud Creek – points and humps especially deep water between 2 humps near the mouth; and in the back of the creek at 34°13.585’N by 83°56.233’W.
Orr Creek – OC3 at 34°32.597’N by 83°56.820’W.
Port Royal – in front of wall on the river channel side with Downlines. Watch out for the underwater cables that support the wall.
River Forks – humps at 34°17.322’N by 83°54.917’W, 34°17.612’N by 83°54.636’W, 34°17.767’N by 83°54.848’W; main lake point at 34°17.683’N by 83°54.511’W.
Sardis Creek – 34°20.377’N by 83°53.266’W
Sawnee Creek – on left
Shady Grove Campground – entire area
Shoal Creek – SC3, 5 , 7 and 8; Saddle Dike #2; Sunset Cove before 10:30am on weekends
Six Mile Creek – in the mouth at the river channel; in the narrows; island on the right on the channel side
Tiki Huts – Downline on the left of boat rental area in 40′ of water
Taylor Creek – points
Two Mile Creek – Two Mile Shoot; back of the creek by the spring; midway before Vanns Tavern ramp
Wahoo Creek – by rock house
Young Deer Creek – humps at the river channel 34°10.759’N by 84°3.491’W; from Tidwell ramp to the island on the left


HOT SPOTS (Please consider the time of the year when fishing these locations)

Bald Ridge and Shoal Creek

Spring at boat ramp in Shoal Creek. Also fish flats, points and humps

Shallow water past Lanier islands bridge on flat just before left point

Shoal Creek #1 on right side point rocky flat

Bald Ridge #9 to Mary Alice rocky to sandy beach. Planers right next to buoys; little island #2 at drop off

Humps and flats in Orr Creek behind sail boats

Humps and flats in Johnson Lathem #3 to #5

In Flat Creek Past blue dock entire left side to island’s rocky area

Narrow to back of Flat go straight across in front of docks 100′ on flat hump

Power lines in Flowery Branch past 6 & 7; reef pole in front of power lines; 90′ to 30′; before bridge; 2nd set of power lines. From the no wake buoys to power lines

Hideaway Bay

Heading out of Balus Creek left cove has spring before widening out

Back of Six Mile Creek past community dock on right

Back of Two Mile Creek past bridge on rip rap; narrows to right by cypress trees

Back of Balus Creek by blue dock and left side all the way to back.

Chestatee bay all reef poles and in late spring by Elvis dock.

Late November to early December using planer boards in front of LM 55.

Six Mile Pond Dam

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