We launched from Old Federal Park ramp today at 7:30am. After a Facebook post from a fellow Striper angler who strictly uses Umbrella Rigs and already put a fish in the boat, I took that as a sign to at least start with this technique. Five minutes after putting out a Urig it was Fish On and a double at that.

These two Stripers at 18″ each took the pressure off by not skunking in the tournament. We left Mud Creek and headed to Three Sisters to pull some Lead Core. We put out two 2oz Bucktail Jigs with Lime Ice paddle tail trailers out 9 colors at 2.5 mph and got hit with a 26 3/4″ Striper allowing us to increase our total inches now to 44 3/4″.

We pulled for another hour picking up a 4lb Largemouth Bass but it would not count in this tournament.

We left for more productive waters and on the way to the humps in Young Deer Creek we picked up another fish to cul the other 18 incher we got this morning. We were now at 49 1/4″ total length for the weigh in at 2pm. The weigh in was held at the Land Shark Bar & Grill at Margaritaville at Lake Lanier Islands. We did not get in the money but placed half way down the list of 34 anglers. Upon leaving the event we saw a fellow angler unable to start his motor so we pulled in close and tried to jump start his motor from our batteries. No luck there. He lived very close by so we pulled him to his dock in Shoal Creek.

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