The Freight Train Hit

We launched at Vanns Tavern at 7am and motored out to the B Buoy discovering it to be split in half and moved 50′ south of its original position.


 We marked a few fish but no takers. After circling a few more times we decided it was time to move. We headed towards the Two mile chute. The temperature today was supposed to get to 97° and it was already 78°. Within a few minutes we got our first striper around 8 am downlining 30 feet  over an 80′ bottom. It was 23″ long.


A little later one of our downlines 22′ down took off like a freight train and was out 122′ in seconds. Apparently a striper came out of the trees, grabbed the blueback and went back down into the trees leaving us high and dry. After a while we ended up in the mouth of Six Mile but no more bites on downlines. We switched to Lead Core and trolled all the way back to Vanns Tavern. No takers. Air Temperature now close to 90°. Time to get out the boat umbrella. We swtched back to downlines and headed further into Two Mile Creek. It didn’t take long before we got the freight train hit again stripping out line to 100′. This downline was 30′ deep and in the creek by the Vanns Tavern no wake buoys. After a great fight Lynn was able to get the fish in and a much nicer striper at 33 inches.


Stopping on a good note it was time to head in. The temperature reached 100° on the Tahoe’s temperature display.

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