Team Lanier’s Mary Madden & Jim Duggan

7:30am started at Vanns Tavern buoy where we were catching midday last week but no luck. Too early. Did most of Two Mile Chute no luck. We started to leave and as usual saw fish as we were putting up our rods. Decided to not leave fish to find fish. Put downlines out again and voile started catching stripers. 27″ then 23″.



Did I mention this was a Holiday weekend. By 10am the Two Mile Chute water began churning like a washing machine. Jet skiers and cabin cruisers were coming at us from all directions. With wave after wave crashing over the bow, it was time to exit this area. Headed back to Vanns Tavern area buoys and started catching again. One more striper and one huge spot. I will be back here tomorrow for the Lanier Striper Club Mentoring Day.

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