They’ve Stopped Biting

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people say they’ve turned off. Nonsense the bite is always on. It just depends on what you’re presenting. Fishing that’s what it’s called. So change your presentation!

The bite was supposed to be main lake points on downlines today. No luck. We tried planer boards weighted and unweighted. We tried a transom line, free lines weighted and unweighted. No luck. We tried top water too. Same outcome. Here’s where I come prepared for any presentation. People laugh at me for all of the rods and rod holders I have on my boat. I don’t like going home without a story. Most folks don’t like Umbrella Rigs because they claim it catches smaller fish. Again nonsense. But no matter because you do catch something. While it’s not a feeding bite it’s more of a reaction bite.
Midday water temperature was 80.2° and we found stripers stacked up in Aida Creek and they were on the move. We dragged our urigs back and forth through them as they moved to the back of the creek and when the sun popped through the clouds it was Fish On.



Today’s tools of engagement:
Umbrella Rigs
Use minimum 120lb swivel snaps, 80lb braid or heavier lb monofilament and no leader. First use side imaging and down imaging on humps and points to locate fish. Maintain a trolling speed of 2.50 to 3.50 – change the speed from time-to-time to learn what the fish are looking for. You can use the same speed schedule whether you are in clear or stained water. If no luck vary speed, distance from boat, moving pattern, colors and jig size. Jig size needs to be uniform but types of jigs can vary. Also colors can be uniform or rainbow. Try horse head jigs or fish head spins. Trailers can be cut in half or spiked with scent. Use of paddle tails creates more vibration and sound whether normal size or crappie size. Depth of Umbrella Rig is determined by total weight of jigs and arm vs. speed of boat. Color of jigs can be pink if the water is stained; otherwise use chartreuse with chartreuse trailer, or white with chartreuse trailer, or white with white trailer. If you are marking fish and they do not bite keep going over the same fish over and over; zig zag or speed up; increase the distance from boat; stop momentarily then speed up. Numerous trolling patterns exist. Try the  S pattern and the figure eight patterns. Both of these patterns when used properly will allow the trolling depth of your lures to change. Again, the use of the Umbrella Rig results in a “reaction” strike; therefore, changing speeds and small changes to trolling depths can make a significant difference. Also, take advantage of your mapping software to orient your trolling pattern to certain contour lines. Depth control when trolling Umbrella Rigs is extremely important. Throughout the year Stripers are known to live in small shallow pockets, on lake points and humps, and in open water. Maintaining proper trolling depths and making the proper rig presentation will result in success!

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