Early Bite Today

Many thanks to Captain Derrick for taking me out on the water today since I was boatless. We launched at Vanns Tavern this morning at 6am and were on fish in 10 minutes. Derrick on a hunch tried the 1st reef marker. Two fish on, both were 34″. The one I brought in put up a good fight stripping off line as I took up the slack. This fish was shaking his head left and right then went straight down then tried to head back out but I kept just enough drag on him until he finally gave up as he neared the boat to be netted. Brian Dye a soon to be LSC club member brought in the other striper. He fought this striper for over 10 minutes.  After that we headed over to the east side of the lake into Flowery Branch where Derrick brought in our third striper. Another good day on the lake with friends.




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