Oakwood Striper Club Tournament today May 14, 2016

While team Fish Hunter chose the best 2 out of their four stripers caught to still come in fifth place out of fifteen boats that vied in the tournament with a 32 1/2″ and a 31 1/4″ fish for a total of  63 3/4 inches. The larger striper was caught on a downline and the other on a planer board both over a thirty foot bottom using blueback herring in Gainesville Creek. Team Fish Hunter consisted of Bob Fields of Lawrenceville and Lynn Gregory of Milton, both members of the Oakwood Striper Club. The stripers were caught between some good music being played with a few sing alongs to some oldies and some dancing yes dancing in between the times that the reels were not chattering off line. There were other fish caught in this outing but they were not stripers, a pretty good looking Catfish I’m told and a 3lb Spotted bass.


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