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Story #2

by Steve Scott

One very cold January morning many years ago my fishing buddy Dale & I decided to venture through the snow for some bass fishing at Lake Lanier. We launched our 12’ jon boat with a Honda 10hp four-stroke motor at Clark’s Bridge being the avid worm fishermen that we were. When we arrived we saw that the lake was completely frozen over bank to bank. We still backed down our trailer to the water’s edge and saw that the boat was sitting on top of the ice. As we both got into the boat, we did break through the ice. As we started to go upstream we realized that the boat was just sliding on top of the ice while the motor was cutting through. At one point as we were going about 5 miles an hour, a chunk of ice that was broken off by the motor actually went past us also sliding on top of the ice as we were moving ahead. We just started laughing.
Another good memory.
Another Fish Tale.

Story #1

by Steve Scott

One day I was fishing Dick’s Creek below the cascade for some North Georgia Trout. It is very noisy there with the water crashing on the rocks. I decided to fish sitting down on one of the boulders just beside the right hand waterfall. It is very slippery on the way to this spot and you had to be very careful not to slip as you would plunge into a deep hole below loaded with years’ worth of snagged fishing lines and hooks. As I was being very careful I lost my footing on some loose slate and started to slide towards the doom. I immediately got down on all fours so that I would be closer to the boulder in hopes of snagging some part of it as I slid over the edge. I found myself literally hanging by my fingernails on a crack at the top’s edge. My body was glued to the face of the boulder and I was stable. I started shouting for anyone who could hear me over the noise of the pounding waters. I stayed in this position for what seemed a few minutes but apparently was only seconds. A couple of fishermen were at the top of the boulder looking over in fright. They asked what they could do. I told them to grab my fishing rod tip as I still had it in my hand. For a moment I thought I was saved. Then I heard a loud POP which was the sound a 2 piece rod makes when it comes apart. I started laughing as I slid into the water. I did not sink as the current is very strong there so it swept me about five feet downstream and I walked out on the lower rocks still laughing at the POP.

Team Lanier in Four Mile


Call us crazy but Team Lanier went out on Memorial day looking for stripers in a washing machine. At first it seemed that everyone decided not to go out because of threatening storms. Boy was I mistaken. We fished and fished for several hours to no avail. Then the lake exploded with bites in all directions. Planer boards, downlines and free lines were clicking off and the fights were on. We managed to boat several spots one being close to 5 lbs, a 4lb catfish but lost any hopes to boat the striper as all six rods swirled together creating a spider web of confusion. It took 35 minutes to straighten out all of the rods and by then the bites disappeared as quick as they came.

Team Lanier at Seed Lake, no Burton Lake, no Rabun Lake!!

Chris at Lake Rabun May 2015 Steve too at Lake Rabun May 2015 Don at Lake Rabun May 2015 Steve at Lake Rabun May 2015 Gabe at Lake Rabun May 2015

Four boats from Team Lanier set out early Saturday morning May 16th to fish for Brown Trout, Walleye, Yellow Perch, Bass, Bream & Blue Gill at Seed Lake. Three boats met at the Racetrac on Hwy 365. We left for the lake hoping that our fourth boat would eventually catch up. We made it to the ramp at Seed Lake only to find that it was closed due to the lake level was 4 feet over full pool and the courtesy dock was under water. We decided to keep going and head up to Murray Cove at Burton Lake just a few miles up the road only to find out that there was a bass tournament which took up all of the parking spaces. Still not giving up we decided to go to Rabun Lake which we past earlier when we first turned on the road to Seed Lake. The fourth boat was finally near us so we decided to pull over onto a parking area off the main road. While waiting for the fourth boat to arrive, we gathered to discuss our game plan for the next lake, which was Rabun Lake. It was then realized that one of us had locked the keys in our vehicle with it running. When our fourth boat arrived he was positive he could get into the vehicle (Go Team Lanier). I borrowed a coat hanger from a nearby house and the door was unlocked in a very short time. Finally on our way to a lake we didn’t know anything about, my partner discovered that he had an old marked map of Rabun Lake in his fishing bag. We shared this information with our team then went fishing & catching Yellow Perch, Chain Pickerel, Bass, Blue Gill & Bream. What a great day on the water in the mountains with Team Lanier.

Team Lanier on Lake Hartwell April 24, 2015


Team Lanier had a great day on Lake Hartwell today fishing with Bill Chasey of Buford GA. We caught and released 22 Hybrid Bass in five hours fishing the Tugalo river almost to Yonah Dam. Among the countless water releases which didn’t stop our trek heading up river to catch these hard hitting fish, we caught a fish about every 13 minutes. We did get a triple but we were only able to get 2 fish actually in the boat as it was like a Chinese fire drill with downrods going down all around the boat.