Team Lanier lays down the law.

Team Lanier laid down the law on Saturday in Shoal Creek boating a 30″ and a 29 1/2″ striper. Both were caught using lead core seven and eight colors out at 3.5 mph with 2 oz chipmunk jigs, 1 white jig with a white curly tail trailer and one chartreuse blue with a chartreuse paddle tail trailer. Mary Madden and Darrell Ford did a fine job fighting those fish that were 240′ out from the boat reeling for what seemed like forever.

My thrill came as it was my first time using a Sequalizer and it really worked great. We released both stripers in 50 feet of water and just before the target release depth, each striper came alive in the colder water and it felt like I was fighting the fish all over again; and then the line went limp as they swam off to be caught another day. GO TEAM LANIER! !



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