Story #2

by Steve Scott

One very cold January morning many years ago my fishing buddy Dale & I decided to venture through the snow for some bass fishing at Lake Lanier. We launched our 12’ jon boat with a Honda 10hp four-stroke motor at Clark’s Bridge being the avid worm fishermen that we were. When we arrived we saw that the lake was completely frozen over bank to bank. We still backed down our trailer to the water’s edge and saw that the boat was sitting on top of the ice. As we both got into the boat, we did break through the ice. As we started to go upstream we realized that the boat was just sliding on top of the ice while the motor was cutting through. At one point as we were going about 5 miles an hour, a chunk of ice that was broken off by the motor actually went past us also sliding on top of the ice as we were moving ahead. We just started laughing.
Another good memory.
Another Fish Tale.

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