I think not but if you’ve been out on the water for several hours, searching everywhere for Stripers with no luck, this is when you should get out your dollar store one-dollar white board that has several ideas already noted, this could save you from giving up. We launched today from Balus ramp after the threat of rain had passed. The clouds cleared out and blue skies remained for the most part. This trip was to locate some areas that might hold fish in preparation for a charter happening this Friday. I was with Tom B, a Lanier striper guide with his friend Joe K. Neither Joe or I had been out on the water for a while. We went to several spots in our search but did not see what we were after. We finally landed a nice striper.

Not doing much better after catching that one fish, we were Out of Ideas. My white board would have kept us going a little longer with some basics. We could have tried to search for a water temperature break or look for a water color difference. I’m sure there are many other choices. Thanks Tom for the invite. I learned a lot today. And I’m getting a pool que as soon as possible.

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