Thermocline Stripers

This is a late posting of my Striper trip with Bob on Thursday August 15, 2019. We launched at East Bank park at 6:15am heading toward halfway back into Young Deer Creek. We came upon spaghetti on a point just across from the abandoned community dock. We were on them so quickly we didn’t get a chance to put out any live baits as we sailed past them forgetting to use Spot Lock. When we circled back they were gone. We didn’t stay long and decided to head for Bald Ridge Creek. When we got there another boat was fishing right where we wanted to be but we found that we were over a lot of fish. We did use Spot Lock and put out 4 Downlines and 1 weighted Freeline. We started catching Stripers but losing them just as fast. We realized that the 10lb leader we were using was not strong enough so we switched all of the rods to 12lb and we started getting fish into the boat. We caught a total of 4 Stripers, two on Downlines and two on the weighted Freelines. The water temperature was 87.7° and we were Downlining just above and below the Thermocline which was at 32′. Our herring seemed to live longer at that depth.

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