Capt Lynn Takes Her Brother Striper Fishing

​With the summertime bite upon us in May already, my sister Capt Lynn Gregory and I started our striper search in open water near the channel mid lake near Browns Bridge. We only saw a loner or two every now and then. Certainly nothing to drop any baits on. After boating for about three hours with the hordes of cabin cruisers, jet skiis and other pleasure craft we headed far north above River Forks. We finally came up on something worthy of dropping some bait. While sitting over a sixty foot bottom and seeing small bait balls and some arches we put out a combination of Downlines to 30 and 40 feet and Flatlines out 85 to 100 feet weighted of course with two #7 round shot using Blueback Herring as the bait. Just that quick we started getting hit bringing in one 26 ½” striper 

and then another on the same Flatline 85′ back that was 24”.

 We stayed there a while going back and forth along the bank about 100′ away as other striper boats kept getting closer to us as we were getting a lot of hits. That area soon became a washing machine as more and more waves were crashing over the bow. We decided to take our memories and pictures with us and leave the area to the other boats. After battling the rest of the lake boaters and all the waves heading back to the launch we called it a day. A few high fives with Capt Lynn and we got off the lake before the impending storms that were coming in later in the day.

One thought on “Capt Lynn Takes Her Brother Striper Fishing”

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