Lanier Striper Club takes Gwinnett County Police Fishing Today

Six boats picked up 23 officers at 7am this morning at Little Hall park. I took two with me in my boat, John and Adam. We set out toward the Ground Hog looking for schools of Stripers on the Chestatee River side catching only one 18” Striper on a Planer Board using a medium shiner about 30′ from the board. It was Adam’s first Striper catching it to a Red Hot Chili Peppers song Otherside.


We left that area heading towards the Hooch and Adam noticed surfacing fish along the Chattahoochee side of the island that was marked C2 & C4 on the Chestatee side. We set out Planer Boards weighted and unweighted, Freelines weighted and unweighted and a right side directional bobber weighted all using medium shiners and it was Fish On. The next bite was John’s first Striper at 18”. 

At one point we had a triple. Stripers and Spotted Bass were hitting all our lines at once. We were boating some fish while others got away.

At one point we caught a big fish but we took too much time to apply more drag until he got in the trees and it was over. We could still feel the fish pulling but could not unsnag him from those trees. 

All in all it was a fun time with Adam and John.

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