Tournament Practice

Caught four fish today: two stripers, a walleye and a catfish all on Lead Core. We pulled a two oz. white bucktail jig with a white trash 7 1/2″ paddle tail swimbait on one and the other was a chartreuse blue 2 oz. lime ice paddle tail swimbait. Both were caught 6 & 7 colors out at LM18. One striper measured 25 1/2″ and the other was 25″. 

The catfish was caught in Mud Creek where the road bed meets the point. The walleye was caught in the back of Young Deer creek. Bob is doing the Oakwood Striper Club tournament tomorrow and now knows all the locations not to fish which should save him a lot of search time to get to some of the locations that produced today. All in all it was a fun day for me too, fishing on a work day.

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