Played Hookey from work today and caught 6 Stripers

I think I counted a total of 10 boats fishing the entire day today on Lanier. It’s great to fish a weekday every now and then. Bob Fields, my sister Lynn and I launched at East Bank ramp and headed out to Young Deer creek by the community dock. We started trolling Lead Core 9 colors out using an 8″ blue back paddle tail since the sky was pretty cloudy. We hooked up right away.

After boating the striper, measuring it, and taking a picture we released it using the Seaqualizer. In the next photo you can see the striper at 40′ swimming away. 

While we were getting in position to do another run we saw a lot of stripers under the boat so I deployed the Ulterra trolling motor and set it to Spot Lock to remain directly over the stripers. We set out four downlines with bluebacks at various depths and were successful bringing in more stripers.

 We did this for about 30 minutes then we realized we were drawing a crowd of other boats all around us.

Since we were there first we needed these other boats to scatter so I put on some Tupac music and we watched them move away one by one. After that the bites slowed down so we left the area and went to fish the 100′ slot in front of Shady Grove Campground. We hooked up another striper 90′ down. Clouds were getting blacker and the wind was really picking up. It was too bouncy to downline here so we decided to pull Lead Core in Shoal Creek. No more luck doing that so we headed to the ramp which was a stones throw from us and called it a good day.

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