2 striper boats a party, 16 boats a crowd 

Went back to Chestatee bay this morning with friends Dave Saporksi and Dale Burrell as my crew. On arrival it was SRO. There were at least 16 striper boats downlining and pulling Lead Core in our target area. I managed to manuver around the various routes these boats were coursing pulling Lead Core at the usual seven colors out with a 2oz bucktail jig and one of Chris Manes newly made 8″ Lime Ice paddle tails. We boated three Stripers in 40 minutes all before 8 o’clock.


Right after our third striper my outboard started sounding 3 short beeps indicating an oil pump issue. I shut off the motor and deployed the trolling motor. While heading back to the ramp at 2 1/2 mph we brought out the Umbrella Rig as we limped our way back. No luck on the rig in Balus Creek. We managed to get back to the ramp okay.

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