Lead Core wins over Downlines today at LSC tournament for Team Fish Hunter

At 5am this morning we picked up five dozen blueback herring at OBT, launched at Shoal Creek ramp and bolted to 9TM where we had been lucky three weeks in a row finding stripers and catching them on downlines but not today, tournament day. We really didn’t see many fish anywhere. No fish by 10am. Three hours until weigh in. It was time for Lead Core. We trolled from Six Mile Creek to Young Deer and finally boated a striper. While he wasn’t very big at 23″ at least we didn’t skunk.


We picked up one more striper in the Two Mile Chute which measured 24 1/2″. 


So we at least had a fairly good catch of two stripers totaling 47 1/2″. This would beat anyone who skunked and any other boater who only caught one striper even if it was 35″ or better. The lake started to churn with other boaters and skiers with a slight wind around noon. We had less than one hour to be able to cull a bigger striper into our count but were unsuccessful. A great day fishing with Bob Fields. GO TEAM FISH HUNTER!!!

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