Boat record striper 38 1/4″


While March is trophy striper season on Lanier we launched today at Toto creek and headed north to the dredge. We pulled everything from free lines, diagonal bobbers to planer boards using bluebacks, small gizzard shad and trout.
Today’s crew members were Lynn Gregory master striper angler and Brett Blouin crappie guru. The stripers turned on midday. We got the boat record striper on a blueback 10′ behind the middle planer board in 8′ of water. The water temperature was 57.3°. Lynn gave the rod to Brett who was driving the boat. He jumped up on the back deck and started reeling adding and giving drag. We knew this was a big fish as it kept stripping out line. The fish started tearing rods out of their holders until he finally got along side the boat. After netting him we got him to the floor so we could measure him when the right side diagonal bobber took off screaming. We we unable to get to it fast enough. Then we heard that sound which was the 20lb main line snapping as we watched. Then we got the big striper onto the measuring board only to find that it was longer than the 38″ board. We rigged everything back up when the bottom fell out of the sky. Still a good day.

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