4 Stringers

Thirty trout on 4 stringers caught by four anglers at Cooper’s Creek today in relatively three hours. It was Bob’s first trout fishing trip so taking him, Don & Dara to this place was a sure fired way to guarantee Bob’s success. Within minutes after arriving Bob not only caught his first trout, it was also the group’s first trout of the day. The bait of choice of course was crickets. Dara limited out in an hour and a half using crickets also. I caught a couple on crickets but the rest came on Panther Martins. Don caught his trout on a variety of baits including crickets, Panther Martins, wigglers and power bait. https://youtube.com/shorts/U5SeSitc2es?feature=share

All in all the weather was nice and air temp got up to 73°.

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