The Method remains the same

Another last minute fishing trip with impending rains coming to our GPS. We fished for only two hours but I followed my logs from 2018 & 2019 using the same method to catch Striper. Same everything from water temperature at 81° to overcast skies. The Method was Lead Core Trolling in the Two Mile chute heading south from Vanns Tavern to the Two Mile ramp. The first rod had a 2oz white Capt Macks bucktail jig with a 6″ Limeaid trailer out 7 colors. First fish in was 26″ long at 7 lbs. Willie battled this fish on his first catch with Lead Core line not believing that the huge size of the bait would catch anything.

The second rod had a 3oz chartreuse & white bucktail jig with a 6″ glow paddle tail out 8 colors. Our target depths were 28′ & 32′ respectively. The second rod bent down but did not engage the clicker. Willie thought that fish got off but it was swimming in the direction that Willie was retrieving it. Then the clicker started screaming off line as Willie felt the pull of the Striper trying to get away. Willie got it to the boat and Michael did a great net job getting the fish into the boat. This one was a little smaller at 25″ and 5lbs.

Lessons learned:

When a fish is swimming towards you and you cannot feel it, it’s still hooked so don’t stop reeling.

When a Striper hits you must stop the boat and the other person must reel in as fast as he can so that line doesn’t get hung on something.

How to tie the amazing Willis Knot and in rough water. This knot is small enough to go through the line guide of the reel without using a swivel.

The value of using a heavier test lead core line saving it from hangups. 36lb

Another great day on the water with friends.

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