Too tired to bring IN another Trout

Say Don & Mike. Today was the monthly Trout stocking at the one lane bridge across the Chestatee river just east of Dahlonega.

We got there at noon hoping that the stocking had already taken place. No dice. We flipped out crickets & Panther Martins for about 30 minutes. No takers. We decided to head to Dick’s creek where they stock there weekly on Friday mornings. I guess not since I only caught one small rainbow. Well it was time to call the trip over but we had to go very near where we started out the day as it was on the way home. So it was back to the one lane bridge. As we walked across the bridge we could see numerous Trout in the rapids and cascades. Apparently the stocking truck came while we were gone. In a manner of minutes it was Fishes On.

The Trout were slamming our Panther Martins and within minutes I limited out. Mike & Don weren’t far behind. It was time for me to head to the truck leaving Mike & Don to get their limits too. Before I left Don brought in a nice Trout but it got off by spitting out the treble hook. Amazing. As I was trying to get his Trout onto the stringer I bent over to grab it out of the ground and did a swan dive into the river. Fortunately I learned many years ago to always bring an extra set of clothes just in case. After a short while I drove back across the bridge to grab up Mike & Don. They should have limited out by now. When I yelled down to them to see if they got their limit Don yelled back that he was too tired to bring in another Trout.

We ended up with 21 Trout after losing numerous fish for one reason or another.

The water snakes should be out in the next week or so meaning Trout fishing in North Georgia was over until next year.

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