First Cast – Not ready?

How many times has this happened to you? Prepared to go fishing, have all the necessary equipment and bait or lures, travel to honey hole and fling out into the water to be hit by surprise and miss that first strike. Well I think you can never be ready, ready. Don, Mike and I decided to set out on a spur of the moment trip to the closest river just below the mountains of north Georgia only 45 minutes away. We left at 3pm arriving at the Chestatee river at 3:45. We had the place all to ourselves. We parked, grabbed our fishing poles and walked across the one lane bridge to the small cut of a steep trail that led us down to the river edge about 20 feet. I had Mike go downstream a little ways as he was younger and more agile to handle the rough edges of the river rocks. This would give us a small separation when all three of us starting casting. With crickets on the line with about 4 small bb weights I casted into the fast moving current straight across from us. As soon as the cricket touched the water it was Fish On but it took me by surprise and I missed the hit losing the bait. But I knew then that fishing would be good. Apparently the DNR did stock trout here either yesterday or this morning. Don & I fished side by side bringing in fish after fish. I decided to switch tactics and use a Panther Martin. Knowing from experience just the right place to cast it downstream to a fast moving pool right before the cascade I got my next fish in. It was a little bigger than the others. Don also decided to switch and caught the rest of his limit. I think he had a good time. Well we limited out in an hour and a half here. My record is in an hour but what fun and excitement we had with those fish jumping out of the water or dancing on the surface. Between Don, Mike and I we probably lost 20 fish for whatever reason but we still managed to keep 18 Trout. Thanks Don & Mike for believing in me.

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