With only 2 people in the boat and multiple lines going down it made fishing today a little chaotic. But I guess that’s a good thing? We needed just one more in the boat to keep track of which lines were being hit and bending into the water at the same time over and over. No sooner than we got the first line in the water we got hit. It was a single 4 pounder just before Prather Bridge and then a double just past the second bridge. 20190410_090225I brought 11 rods and some were on the floor of the boat, some were leaning against the gunnel either needing another bait or maybe a hook. We still managed to get 6 Hybrids into the boat. No telling how many we lost. We did get a few Spotted Bass, however they were stealing our Bluebacks left and right. With all the Hybrids hitting and the swarms of bass we actually ran out of bait. The ticket to getting these Hybrids again today was still the Carolina Rigged Downline. The weather was fantastic and about 77°, no wind, just blue skies and budding trees.20190410_090029

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