It was Royal’s first time formally Striper fishing today as he has caught Stripers before while Crappie fishing. We were going to launch at Clark’s Bridge this morning but the ramp was closed due to a sculling regata taking place later today. My strategy today was upset by this and had to decide where to fish. We ended up launching nearby at Laurel Park and headed downstream to Little river. When we arrived the surface temperature was 84.9 and too hot for Blueback Herring to be fished without getting them down at least 20′ below the surface. We put our spread out of basically everything weighted to get the baits down quickly. We put out two Planer Boards weighted with two #7 split shots four feet from the hook. We also put out two weighted Flatlines with the same two weights. We put one out the back at 50 feet and the other at 80 feet. And of course four Downlines with 1 3/4oz pencil weights. We moved in close to a reef marker and both Flatlines got hit almost at the same time. One fish got off and the other went into the trees and had to break off the line. We got those two back in the water then got another hit. This time we got it into the boat. I handed the rod to Royal and began shouting out instructions. Sorry Royal. I know you have caught big fish before but hey, it was your first Striper. As we were removing the hook the other Flatline started screaming off drag. We left the Striped on the floor of the boat. This time it was a big catfish. Royal picked up the Striper and then the Catfish for a picture when the Catfish starting spewing pee all over Royal. Bummer dude. 

Since we were in the mouth of Little River it was a busy in and out for all boats we decided to move to another area to fish. We  went to the Pond Dam just north of the Chattahoochee Country Club and starting seeing some big fish on the sonar. We baited up just using two Flatlines and followed our trail coming in. The sky started to darken and we could see the rain pounding down around Gainesville Creek. Should we stay or should we go. We stayed for a little bit and the Flatline started ripping off line. I grabbed the rod and brought in a huge Largemouth Bass. Royal called it a Grand Slam – one Striper, one Catfish and one Largemouth Bass. With the impending weather getting nearer and nearer we decided to call it a day and head back to the ramp. I think Royal enjoyed himself today catching his first Striper.

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