Winning the Oakwood Striper Club tournament today took a total of 70 1/4″ with one striper measuring 35″ and the other 35 1/4″ long putting Bob Fields and I in first place with the new club season beginning this month. Just two days ago we practice fished the Chattahoochee River area that feeds into Lake Lanier as one of two main tributaries, the other being the Chestatee River. The stripers caught Thursday took gizzies so today we brought eight with us with 2 dozen herring and two small trout. These river fish hadn’t really seen anything more than a gizzard shad and blueback herring so we took a chance with trying the trout. Well let me say this, our first 35″ striper took the small trout on a diagonal bobber 75′ out behind the boat.

What a fight as Bob remained patient reeling and pausing while this huge fish took out line. Finally getting the fish into the net I realized it’s time to get a bigger net. We caught another striper soon after the first but it was only 17″ and a third at 21″. Needing more inches with two fish and improving our current length from 52″ to 56″ was enough even though we wanted more it would be a good total to take to the weigh in. We thought this morning’s bite was over after not getting hit on anything after two and a half hours then our second and last trout got nailed on a diagonal bobber.

This fish was a lot closer to the boat than the first big striper but it seemed to take twice as long to get him near the boat to be netted. Again Bob started reeling as the catch started stripping out line clicking the reel furiously. Again it was back to give drag and take up line back and forth until the striper tired. After getting him into the boat and onto the ruler we realized that this fish was longer than the other big striper we caught. Well this fish just raised our total two fish length to 70 1/4″ and a respectable number to take to the weigh in. After the tally of inches for all those members at the weigh in it was determined that Team Fish Hunter got the biggest fish but also got 1st place over all in the tournament. Congratulations to Bob Fields and Team Fish Hunter for an outstanding performance. 

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