The Best Made Plans

Dave and I went back to the road bed at LM18 today where I caught those 6 stripers last week but when we got there I could not find the road bed with all my fancy electronics. While resorting to the paper map to locate the road bed (red dots)20160908_135216-1we discovered every striper in the lake under the boat but they wouldn’t take any of our blueback herring so we decided to pull Lead Core through them seven and eight colors out. This was a good plan as we pulled in a couple of stripers within minutes of each other.

Soon after we basically got run off by sailboats. Our next target was the road bed in Mud Creek. After a short while of searching we found the road along with beaucoup stripers but with the washing machine waves pounding the boat making the bluebacks bounce up and down it became too difficult to stay on the road bed let alone offer a live bait presentation to the stripers.


We left Mud Creek motoring back to LM18 to try out the Mini Mack on Lead Core. It looked killer in the water with five chartreuse paddle tails on 1/2oz jig heads. And apparently a big spot thought so too. We got close to a five pounder to the boat.

Overall here are some of the other techniques we tried besides downlining, pulling lead and the Mini Mack: power casting and jigging a 2oz white bucktail jig with a chartreuse 7″ paddle tail swim bait, a medium Zara when the fish were busting on top, a Ben Parker spoon power reeling and jigging over a multitude of fish as well as jigging a Thompson spoon. We will definitely go back to the Mud Creek road bed next Saturday a lot earlier in the day.

One thought on “The Best Made Plans”

  1. Great info. Very nice to meet you the other day.I was out yesterday but didn’t fish much. Saw a lot of fish in Shoal creek. Didn’t get em to bite. Saw 1 caught there on leadcore. Good luck.


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