Today’s catch: 2 spots and a limb brim

We hadn’t realized it until after we got back to Duggan’s dock that this was the first time the three amigos went striper fishing together. Dale Burrell, Jim Duggan and I had a blast today with pokes and jokes. You can’t find any better fishing buddies than these two cut ups. After a few mishaps getting bait like the bait store with late hours opens at 8am, bait store with no ice, after getting ice no cooler so ice melted in 10 minutes, tried to follow waypoints in rough seas without a Point One antenna, then getting caught on a shallow hump and losing not one but two lead core jigs, getting rained on but still managed to catch 2 spots at least 8lbs each yeah right. I am so happy to have fished with these great guys I just had to tell our story. Be sure to watch the video for proof of the monster spots caught today. Another great memory of a fun filled day on the pond.

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