NGWA with Team Lanier at Seed Lake

Intro video

The North Georgia Walleye Association made their 3rd attempt to make the Seed Lake trip to Lakemont Georgia. In 2015 the lake was over full pool causing ramp access to be under water. Two weeks ago there was 4 inches of snow in Tiger Georgia stopping our 2nd attempt to fish the lake. We finally made it yesterday. Four boats set out at 24° with no wind and a beautiful mountain day on the water. Fishing was hard but several boats caught something. Several Chain Pickerel, Bass and Yellow Perch were taken but no Walleye. We are looking forward to the Walleye post spawn coming this spring in late March. Walleye is one of those intriguing fish that there are few anglers and a limited amount of information for their pursuit. While Chris Manes was the ring leader he kept standards high with his association with Team Lanier bringing the networking and sharing of information to all participants. We marked fish for most of the day but were unable to identify the species to present any bait properly. Many large arches were seen on sonar and down imaging yet again we were not successful. We threw everything at them including Bluebacks, Night Crawlers, mini urigs, crickets, minnows, power bait, including several artificials but all that was caught were on crank baits. Later in the day the wind picked up so we deployed our wind sock to slow our presentation down a little. We all are looking forward to our late spring trip.

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