A Team Lanier Trifecta: Spots, Slabs, Stripers



Sunday morning 29° Lynn & I went to Gainesville Marina and fished Tony & Jean’s slip for crappie. We got two spots right off then we got two nice slabs. We were there only 15 minutes when Mad Dawg called asking us if we wanted to go striper fishing. We left the covered dock where no sunlight could make its way through the chilly temps to keep us warm, to meet Derrick at Charleston Park boat ramp. After searching for about an hour and not finding any stripers we found those elongated bait balls hugging the bottom like Doug Youngblood told us about in the last LSC club meeting. We decided to put some down lines in right in the middle of the bait balls and that’s when we were able to hook up with a nice striper. We let the spots go, filetted the crappie and released the striper. At the end of the day we finished up by having dinner at Rice.

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