Team Lanier gets some Lula stripers


The day started out at a brisk 44° as we moved cautiously through the thick mist watchful of floating debris from the recent storms. Leaving Don Carter state park boat ramp at 8:30am with Gizzard Shad, Rainbow Trout and Blue Back Herring, an arsenal to be used with planer boards and free lines heading up to the narrows of the Chattahoochee as what is termed “up the river”. Once we were distant from the floating debris and the river began to slowly form we were able to speed up a bit. Once we passed Lula Bridge we were to put out 6 planers, 2 directional bobbers, a transom free line and another free line on a float ball 150′ behind the boat. Before we had all our lines out our first striper slammed a planer board with a Herring as bait. This fish was uncontrollable as he took drag from one side of the boat to the other crossing 5 other lines, shaking his head and appearing at the surface occasionally until he tired then came in peacefully. He wasn’t a huge striper but he was a striper in the boat at 28 1/2″. Go TEAM LANIER!!


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