Team Lanier at Laurel Park Saturday January 17, 2015

Two boats set out on Saturday targeting stripers at Laurel Park. To say that the water was muddy would be an understatement. Pulling umbrella rigs through hundreds of marked fish was the method chosen yet there was not a bite to be had. Switching to downlined herring at least brought some results with an 18″ striper. The wind picked up quite a bit after that but it was a good day to get the group out.


Boat 1: Steve Lelle & Lynn Gregory

Boat 2: Steve Scott & Clayton Nugent

Team Lanier Laurel Park 1-17-2015 aTeam Lanier Laurel Park 1-17-2015 b

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This blog was created by Steve Scott to assist the casual Striper angler. See my Striper reports in the Coastal Angler magazine and the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division blog. To learn more about Striper fishing join a club. There are two Striper clubs on Lake lanier. The Lanier Striper Club meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday of each month meeting at Hammond’s Fishing Center in Cumming, Georgia and the Oakwood Striper Club meeting the 2nd Monday of each month in Oakwood, Georgia.