Stripers at H Buoy

With a dark overcast sky we started where I left off last week in Saddle Dike 2 with Lead Core lines out 9 colors using 1oz yellow blue with a 4” sexy shad split tail swim bait on and a 1oz white bucktail jig with a 4” blue white paddle tail on the other. No luck but I was confident that we would catch something with this smaller presentation. We left there and went to the mouth of Young Deer Creek to run the 75’ contour towards Six Mile Creek where I had several hits last week but the presentation we used was too big for the smaller Stripers. Still no luck. Finally we headed to Flowery Branch and brought out a 3rd Lead Core running the same setup as the other two rods. We started at the point in Flowery in 115’ of water with our spread and after we passed the H Bouy a striper took the sexy shad. Jim reeled and reeled until the fish came close enough to net. We took a couple of photos then released the Striper torpedo style.

At this point the lake was like a washing machine with so many boats. Time to leave and finish out the rest of the day somewhere else.

Go Team Lanier!

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