​Team Fish Hunter Takes 3rd in Oakwood Tournament

Got to the bait shop this morning at 5:40am to get medium shiners and medium to large Gizzard Shad. 

After getting our bait we headed for East Bank ramp where we were launching. Crossing from the east to the west side of the lake we headed into Bald Ridge Creek.
Today I’m a believer. We caught a nice 33 ¼” striper on a 3” shiner with a #6 trout hook using a 10lb leader.

This was after catching a 20 ¼” striper.

Both were caught on free lines in Bald Ridge Creek giving us a total of 53 ½” for the weigh in at OBT. After that we caught 8 spotted bass two of which were 4 and 5 lbs. Water temp was 50.9°. We tried for another couple of hours to get a bigger second striper to no avail. We decided to head over to the back of Young Deer Creek to find the same pattern and pull our spread. The water temperature was a little warmer at 53°.  We didn’t see any fish there but lots of diving birds. Not sure why they were diving but as we moved into that area we didn’t see any bait clouds. Time was running out so we left the back of Young Deer pulling Umbrella Rigs towards the humps at Tidwell. Again we didn’t see any bait clouds or stripers around the humps. Time to head to the ramp and get to the weigh in.

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