​The Last Striper of 2016

It was another cold cold morning supposedly warming up to 65° today. Yeah right. We hit the water at 7:30 this morning with hopes of getting at least one more striper before years’ end and breaking in Bob’s new net in the process. Unfortunately the only striper we caught today was on an Umbrella Rig and you just lift the entire rig fish and all into the boat.

We had launched at Laurel Park and headed to Wahoo Creek on a tip from a fellow angler. We marked a few fish at the end of some long bait clouds but were unsuccessful using planer boards, freelines, diagonal bobbers, downlines and a transom line. We used medium trout, medium shad and some hefty looking bluebacks to no avail. There were two other striper boats in that same area. Nobody caught anything so we left and headed for Gainesville Creek. We didn’t mark anything there. We changed our tactics and tried downlining in the main channel which was tree-free. No takers. Finally we switched to umbrella rigs 120’ behind the boat and hooked up. Today’s water temps remained in the low 50s making the stripers slightly lethargic which is why we were only successful with the reaction bite. 

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