​They Didn’t Come Back 

The stripers really slapped us around today on our third tournament start of the year. We were fishing over a 30’ bottom, water temp at 52.4° with a planer board when the first striper slapped and stunned our 10” Gizzard Shad with its tail but didn’t come back to eat it. The same thing happened about 30 minutes later when we had another large gizzie as a transom bait 20’ behind the boat. While these were the best strikes of the day because it takes a big striper to swallow a 10” shad whole we didn’t get another hit on live bait. Partner asked about maybe trying umbrella rigs which was a good idea considering we had nothing to show for the hours of freezing cold temperatures at 36° followed by rain and even colder temperatures that we endured. We had a small spotted bass on the port side umbrella rig in just a few minutes. We started again running 3 mph with the port side rig at 100’ and the starboard side at 80’. Before I knew partner had our 1st striper on. 19 ½”, a dink but no zero. Yay.

 No more time for rigs. We had to run back to the ramp to be able to get to the weigh in on time.

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